My name is Brandon Nickell, I was born and raised in Oakland California, lived and worked in San Francisco for fourteen years, and now reside with my family in the Houston Texas area. I previously founded and ran the Isounderscore record label which focused on releasing experimental and electronic music as well as my own work. These days I spend most of my time working as a Senior Software Engineer for Major League Baseball, over the past five years I have focused on the creation of new baseball metrics, backend services, infrastructure, and physics modeling for Statcast. Music, sports analytics, and engineering are lifetime pursuits.

I am heavily interested in models, simulations, and analysis of sports data. I’m unapologetically obsessive when it comes to the intersection between sports, computer simulations, blockchain, models, all enabling a breeding ground of ideas for the decade of the roaring 20’s in our post-pandemic decentralized economy. Despite ceasing operations with the Isounderscore label since 2017, I still slowly but deliberately work on music when I’m not busy raising a family and working on Statcast or running models and simulations in my spare time. If you’re interested in my recorded work, there are plenty of those records still floating around.