I ventured out to a show for the first time in over two years since the beginning of the pandemic and the first one since moving to the Houston area. The last show before this was days before the shutdown back in March 2020 curated by Michael Castaneda via Sunwarped, and as a non-participant it was attending Hive Mind in Oakland around January that same year which in itself had a long lapse. Needless to say this was long overdue and finding something like this was very cathartic.

The venue itself is legendary and built by postal worker Jefferson Davis McKissack between 1956 through 1979 and something of a folk-art landmark. After being more or less confounded stumbling into this place for the first time and finding the other stage, the sound was stellar from some familiar faces. An overwhelming feeling of never taking DIY shows and venues for granted again, and it was also a perfect way to help purge the darkness of Uvalde just 300 miles away and some other unfortunate relative circumstances that have come to light.

Outside the venue
Studded Left…Chuck from Better Call Saul would enjoy this band
In Spite of Dreams
Future Blondes

In other news currently working on another Nina release which is the platform of choice for the foreseeable future. The previous release Inverted Void is sold out. Without getting into the nauseating evangelization of Web3 or decentralized tech (that certainly warrants another post in itself), I’m fully convinced this is path forward for self-sustaining artists. I highly recommend checking them out, founded by peers I highly admire and respect. There will be more very soon…

I promise.